Pocket Cut-Up
No. TKM-90
The Pocket Cut-Up™ is a compact, portable tubular key machine. It is factory preset to cut standard size center sequence tubular keys by code.

Compact and lightweight, carry the Pocket Cut-Up™ wherever the job takes you
Cut 7-pin standard tubular keys by code for factory-original accuracy
Keep the Pocket Cut-Up™ and a box of HPC blanks in your tool box to be ready for your next tubular call

Offset left and offset right sequence (including dead pin cuts) can be cut with one simple adjustment. It also cuts most Greenwald style tubular keys. The tubular key blank is held firmly in place by the swing-away key holding fixture, that locks the depth adjustment knob at pre-selected depths. By turning the cutter knob, brass or steel key blanks are cut with ease.

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Model No.
2" dia. x 4" long
5cm dia. x 10cm long
Cutter Supplied:
High Speed Steel Cutter
No. TKPD-1
Key Decoder
Allen wrench, 1/16"
The TKM-90 will cut:
Standard Size
0.375" (9.53mm) O.D.
0.312" (7.92mm) I.D.
0.375" 9.53mm) O.D.
0.312" (7.92mm) I.D.

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